Bitcoin Price Arbitrage - HFT and Dark Pool Trading


 The Bitcoin Dark Pool allows clients to discreetly place large BTC orders without exposing their intentions to the public, lit order book. 

 If you’re using BTCNYEX Dark Pool to connect to multiple exchanges at once, you could take advantage of the below price variation opportunity to set your limit buy order at current price and get the best price possible across multiple exchanges. Then, as soon as your limit order was filled, you could use to sell that BTC as a hidden order on the top of the cheapest available order book. 

High Frequency Trading

 The Financial Times reports that several leading high-frequency trading houses like DRW, Jump Trading, DV Trading, and Hehmeyer Trading have jumped into high frequency crypto trading. 

BTCNYEX's will launch a new high frequency exchange solution, which will enable our exchanges to scale to more than ten million transactions per second with less than 40 nanosecond latency.