2014 - Domain registered 10/8/2014 - Early Adapter

Started mining Bitcoin in 2014. Ordering its first miners from Bitmain 11/2014

2015 - Exchange concept was was realized early in 2015 but development was sidelined with NY Bit License hearings 

2016 - Began growing its mining power in 2016 

2017 - Started plans for a commercial mining operation 

2018 - Opened its first commercial mining operation in Feb 2018, only to have Plattsburgh, NY ban bitcoin mining

CEO Tom Pillsworth infamously pictured in NY Times Bitcoin mining article. "Is bitcoin a waste of electricity or worse" 

Company Info

Incorporated LLC in Delaware 05/2018

Registered MSB with FINCEN 08/2018. 

Registered with NMLS 12/2018

Registered with SEC 04/2019

Registered with FCA 07/2018 - UK Financial Conduct Authority 

BTCNYEX's advanced roadmap includes becoming an Electronic Money Institution (EMI/e0Money) under the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority, allowing for legal operations in the 23 states that comprise the European Economic Area 

Exchange Development

The exchange is positioned to expand, subject to regulatory approval, into trading digital securities market utilizing a DLT-enabled system to instantly eliminate counterparty risk for regulatory approved digital securities.

New York Bit License to follow.

BTCNYEX LLC is a Delaware incorporated company that will operate as a fully regulated, licensed, exchange infrastructure with headquarters in Delaware.